Hear in this blog I'd like to sell stuff that I don't need anymore.
I hope you find something.♪

First to the rules:
- I ship from Switzerland.
- I ship worldwide.
- I prefer PayPal, but when you live in Switzerland, Germany or Austria then is Bank transfer also okay.
- The shipping price is not included in the price.
- I do live in a pet & smoke free house.
- Please leave a feedback after buying.

When you have a question, please leave a comment♪
And if you have interests, please write me an e-mail at:

Update: 7 April 2011

Montag, 22. November 2010


Hear is my eBay feedback.

Please write a comment with:
  • Your name
  • Which item
  • Type of feedback (good, neutral, bad)
  • Shipping (the total is 5)
  • Comments?
Thank you very much♥


  1. Yoyogi
    The pink bodyline skirt
    good <3
    Thank you ^^

  2. Mika
    Jewelry no.4 (V.W.Replica)
    Good :3
    5 points for shipping because it was very fast and cheap <3

    Thanks a lot, the necklace is awesome <333

  3. -Hina
    -The blue bodyline skirt :)
    -Good!! ^-^
    -4 points for shipping because it wasnt fast but that's not your fault at all. :o

    Thank you ! <3~ The skirt is sooo cute ! ^_^